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Be safe.

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Global Safety Management® is your SDS
compliance management partner

As a manufacturer, distributor or manager, you have people to keep safe, environmental standards to meet and a business to run. You can’t ignore the deadlines for the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS) that are right around the corner. OSHA fines can hit a company’s bottom line with more than $1M. Now is the time to put a solid plan in place for managing your Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Why GSM?

What we do

Global Safety Management® (GSM) authors, translates and manages SDS end to end so that companies can operate in an environmentally safe and compliant way, yet maintain focus on their core business.

Our SDS compliance management solutions give you access to the documentation and labels you need to be safe, responsible and profitable. Your safety data sheets are always readily available, up to date and easy to use when and where your people and customers need them – even on mobile devices.

OSHA fines: not worth the risk

  • The penalty for serious violations doubled recently
  • Significant cases are up 30% YOY
  • Mega-penalty citations are now above $1M
  • Penalties $5k-7k per incident per day
  • Second highest category of citations in 2013, up from #3 in 2012


Go to market faster anywhere on the globe.

GSM serves many industries around the world. Our EHS experts will provide you with the guidance your company needs and communicate to you the regulatory necessities specific to any country, province and municipality. GSMs solutions are also accessible from anywhere on the globe. Reach your data on any device and in any language.



Relax; safety is first.

Working with hazardous materials carries responsibilities both to employees and to your business. GSM’s EHS and regulatory experts’ job is to ensure you, your employees and your business are protected with the most recent information about these materials. In addition, GSM’s products are designed with accessibility in mind. Modern software gets critical information into the hands of the people who need it, when and where it is needed.



Put SDS on auto-pilot.

Our safety data managers are experts in EHS and regulatory details. We review your products and related SDS, consult your practices and perform audits to meet your regulatory needs. Let us manage your product SDS and labels according to your inventories and logistical preferences and get you back to your mission-critical tasks.