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A Paradigm Shift in SDS Authoring

It is bold to say that chemical manufacturers and authoring software systems are approaching the authoring of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in the wrong way. But the truth is, they are.

Find out more about how GSM’s authoring software is like no other software currently on the market. The ease of use and time-saving features have early adopters very excited!

Our Solution Features:

  • Our Wizard logic provides suggested classifications based on regulations
  • Automated notifications of regulatory updates on affected products occur before any changes are applied
  • Ingredient changes automatically become available to products which contain that ingredient
  • Product data can be copied and customized to create a new product.
  • Search and filter functions help you find what you need fast
  • Unique team permissions allow multiple users to collaborate in one place, save, compare and share final sheets
  • Published records are time-stamped as PDFs, easily viewable and easy to download

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