Chemical Hazard Safety Isn’t Easy

The Society for Chemical Hazard Communication
Educates and Stewards Safety.

Many businesses run a high risk of personal and environmental dangers by dealing with chemicals in the workplace. Any business that handles paints, drugs, cosmetics, detergents, gases, pesticides, asbestos among other substances are regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) with standards of compliance that must be met. These businesses face the challenge to communicate safety to employees and host safety training programs to not only stay in compliance, but to keep their employees and assets safe and secure.

The Society for Chemical Hazard Communication has a strong mission to help safety and compliance managers inside these organizations with the benefit of education, events and experts to exchange ideas for ongoing improvement of chemical safety and communication in the workplace.

Julie MacGregor, Global Safety Management (GSM) CEO is a member of SCHC.  “As a member, I’m armed with a network of professionals and plenty of education and information from society experts to serve our clients at a higher level with safety data sheet management,” said Julie.

Julie will be attending the Fall 2017 meeting with special interest in HazCom updates and discussion around the UN global list pilot project. GSM offers strong encouragement and recommendation to GSM customers and industry stakeholders to join SCHC and attend upcoming meetings.

Julie further expressed, “We have a great opportunity to work together through resources like SCHC to further communication improvement of chemical handling in the workplace with safety our #1 priority.”

Learn more about joining the Society for Chemical Hazard Communication and register for the Fall 2017 meeting hosted in VA September 23-27, 2017.