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Global Safety Management® is different because for us, it’s all about you, our customer.  That is easy to say, but we back it up; as evidenced by the fact that GSM is the only company in our industry to ever win the Consumers’ Choice Award.

GSM is a veteran-owned company that has been meeting our customers’ needs for over 10 years. Our customers range from small companies to Fortune 100. Much of our business has come from customer referrals. In fact, many of our clients refer their own customers to us to meet their compliance needs. That is trust!

We believe in keeping things easy.  Our systems are easy to use while delivering essential functionality. Our billing is straight-forward without hidden charges or complicated “secret formulas”. And our experts are here to deliver the right level of compliance assistance that your company needs.

In the end the real goal of the regulations is to get important safety information, like first aid, into the hands of those who need it. At the same time, we understand that you have a business to focus on. Contact us today and see how we can help you.

Letter from the CEO

Let’s start with a premise – Safety and Environmental Regulations have a purpose. They protect employees, keep the environment safe and reduce some of the risks we experience in today’s world. You know that! Your goal is to keep employees healthy and your products safe. You want to comply with regulations but that’s not your core business.

Compliance takes time and effort and at times it’s an operational nightmare, especially when you work with Safety Data Sheets. The software systems and processes that were supposed to make your life easier have instead added to your workload and slowed your ability to act quickly. You’re not even sure you’re fully compliant!

 Relax! SDS Publisher is here! SDS Publisher is the only digital system that enables you to create a fully compliant SDS within 10 minutes without regulatory or chemical expertise. The total number of Safety Data Sheets GSM clients have to create and update are reduced exponentially due to our technology.

SDS Publisher is NOT the only way we help businesses with their bottom line. Our SDS Management and SDS Translation software are transforming the SDS industry in a huge way. We look forward to the opportunity to learn more about your company and your specific challenges. We can help make your life easier and your job more effective! Call today and we’ll show you how! 844-GSM-INFO

— Julia MacGregor, President and CEO

Julia MacGregor, MS MBA, President and CEO

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