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Safety in 10: How do I know if I have a Compliant GHS SDS? How do you know that the SDS you received from your supplier is GHS compliant? The truth is, just because the SDS comes from a big name manufacturer, doesn't automatically mean it is compliant for the Globally Harmonized System (GHS). In this short, informative webinar, you will learn to recognize the "red flags" of a non-compliant GHS SDS and quickly assess if the SDS is compliant.

Speaker Bio:
Julia MacGregor-Peralta, MS MBA, is Founder and CEO at Global Safety Management, a provider of innovative regulatory compliance software and solutions. Julia has an MBA from University of Florida, and an MS from University of South Florida. She also studied operations management at University of Alabama. She has over 20 years of experience in the regulatory compliance industry, with a focus on material safety and global compliance through technology. She is multilingual, with special expertise in regulatory and SDS translation. Julia has given many presentations on OSHA Compliance and the Globally Harmonized System. During the fall 2013 Government shutdown, she even served as a last minute stand-in for OSHA. The presentation was voted by attendees as the “Best Presentation of the Conference.”
7/24/201811:00am EDT10 minutes