SDS Management

You have a company to run, products to ship and clients to satisfy. You do not have time to stay current on all the ever-changing GHS regulations governing the chemicals in your workplace.  However, you can’t afford not to.  Global Safety Management (GSM) ensures that your safety data sheets (SDSs) are readily available, up-to-date and easily accessible on computers, tablets and mobile devices.

OSHA says you can throw away your paper SDS binder, and go paperless, as long as certain conditions are met. For example, you can’t use an electronic solution that locks SDSs behind passwords. GSM can show you an easy and affordable solution! If your SDS management system is too complicated, your employees won’t adopt it in their everyday use. click! SDS™ software is so easy to use that anyone can find an SDS in seconds without any training.

Do you need an enterprise solution, one that provide SARA reports, multiple locations and more? We’ve got you covered.  Need an SDS distribution tool? We’ve got that, too!

Ensure Your Safety Data Sheets are Readily Available, Up-to-Date and Easily Accessible Across All Devices

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GSM’s SDS management solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Intuitive interface means eliminating binders and saving time in critical situations.
  • Instant access from any laptop, PC, Tablet or mobile device.
  • GSM consolidates all documents for each product into one record. So you only pay for one record, regardless of how many locations use it and how many versions are attached to that record!
  • The GSM staff of experts updates all records within your library, giving you the peace of mind that you are fully compliant.
  • No hidden costs – it’s all included at no additional charge!