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Compliance Made Easy

Disrupting the Chemical Manufacturing Industry

Powered by Global Safety Management (GSM), Total SDS is an Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) solution that helps chemical manufacturers and distributors ensure product compliance and workplace safety. Developed on patent-pending technology, Total SDS software enables users to create, distribute and manage compliant safety data sheets (SDSs) in minutes, without needing to be a regulatory expert or chemist.

Do you need an enterprise solution, one that provides SARA reports, multiple locations and more? We’ve got you covered. Need an SDS distribution tool? We’ve got that, too!

Solve Supply Chain Challenges

Total SDS software solves these supply chain challenges by ensuring fast, seamless and accurate ingredient and classification updates. The culmination of years of market research, product development and strategic investments, our user-friendly technology reduces SDS authoring time to just minutes, rather than the standard hours, weeks – and even months.

A Top-Down View

How are we able to reduce SDS authoring time to mere minutes? Other SDS software starts with the chemical formula and builds from the bottom up, contending with an infinite number of potential ingredient combinations. This tedious approach is not only time-consuming, but it often results in the over-classification of products. Our Total SDS wizard logic eliminates multiple steps by taking a top-down view of roughly 33,000 possible hazard combinations to quickly categorize, change and create documents in minutes.

SDS Authoring and Management Made Simpler, Faster and Compliant

Total SDS enables you to create and distribute accurate, compliant safety documents in just minutes. And with our user-friendly interface and wizard logic, you don’t have to be a chemical or regulatory expert to author and manage an SDS.

Features and Benefits

  • Any chemical formulation or ingredient change is easily and quickly updated
  • Product classification changes are automatically pushed to all related SDSs
  • Multi-jurisdictional templates enable seamless shipping to multiple countries
  • Version and user role controls empower greater collaboration
  • Commercial and R&D product separation eliminates human error and interpretation
  • Translations available for multi-country SDS creation • Trade secrets and proprietary ingredients remain
  • Product family groupings enable easy management of SDS libraries

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