Karla Gorsky

Director of Customer Success

Karla Gorsky is the Director of Customer Success at GSM. After joining the GSM team in 2013, she has worked in a few different roles during GSMs rapid expansion, allowing her to understand the customer journey from initial contact, customer implementation, and now to customer advocacy. Karla truly believes that her success is solely driven by the success of the GSM customer base.

Karla brings more than 25 years of customer service and sales experience to the GSM team. From her early years of customer service with the Aspen Ski Corporation to selling real estate in New York City, Karla’s diverse background allows her to truly understand the needs of our customers and customize unique plans for their compliance and regulatory requirements.

Karla has a Bachelor of Science degree from Ohio University, along with several professional certifications. A native of Indianapolis, IN, Karla enjoys getting back to the Midwest to visit with family and friends; although sunny Tampa has been her home for more than 15 years. Karla enjoys running, kayaking, paddleboarding, and chasing her dog that her children said she needed when the last one left for college.