Rennee Karlik

Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Rennee Karlik is a Regulatory Compliance Specialist for Global Safety Management (GSM), an environmental health and safety software company dedicated to simplifying product safety documentation and compliance.

As a career chemist, Rennee has extensive experience with product formulation, manufacturing and regulatory management for diverse product lines and functionality. Her manufacturing background allows her to assess hazards, exposure and regulatory compliance for all stages within the life cycle of the product. Her work includes broad and industry specific regulatory research, Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring, consulting and support of the software development team from a regulatory standpoint.

A successful teacher and trainer of GHS hazard communication, regulatory compliance, hazard analysis and prevention, Karlik is well-practiced in formulation, analysis, manufacturing, customer service, technical support and sales within the industry.

She is noted for her professionalism, knowledge and ability to navigate successfully in the complex regulatory World of hazard communication and chemical compliance. Rennee’s vast experience and industry knowledge frequently allows her to present critical insight in the development of compliance SDS authoring and management software and processes in a highly regulated work environment.

Rennee holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a Business Concentration from James Madison University and resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma.