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How dentists meet OSHA requirements and maintain a safer practice for their team and patients.

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Under OSHA regulations, dental practices are required to maintain a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for every hazardous product in the office. For some—especially the larger practices—it can be difficult and time-consuming to ensure that each SDS is up-to-date. Employees can spend hours contacting manufacturers for each SDS and maintaining binders full of the necessary paperwork.


Patterson Dental has partnered with Global Safety Management (GSM) and developed AutoSDS, an online database of SDSs specific to each practice. With a subscription to AutoSDS, practices enter the program through a unique URL and browse for SDSs for their products. GSM automatically maintains the most up-to-date SDS, which practices can quickly access anytime. AutoSDS helps practices manage safety data, which ultimately leads to a safer practice for both employees and patients.


By automating safety data, employees can spend more time with patients and help increase the practice’s ROI. Automating SDS also helps the environment and keeps offices organized by eliminating the need to keep a binder of papers. AutoSDS can help avoid costly OSHA violations and compliance mistakes. With OSHA fines as high as $7,000 per day for each incident, it’s more important than ever to update each SDS when new ones become available.

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