Providing Work Space and Work Experience for Students and Young Entrepreneurs

This summer, Global Safety Management welcomed 6 college students into their Tampa office as summer interns learning to work in software product manufacturing and marketing. Three of these students happen to conduct their own business right in GSM’s office space.

Three of the students, Ezekiel George (17), Jason Ramos (18), and Luke Judy (18) work for their own company, TeSqGr, LLC. George started this company 4 years ago when he was only 13, by investing in Bitcoin for his startup. TeSqGr is a software development company that creates servers, software patches, security features, and all necessary updates for their clients.

He created this company because he not only had a great interest in working with technology, but he believed he was filling a niche that was being overlooked in the industry. There were important tasks that needed to be done and no one was filling this specific need. So, he took matters into his own hands and created, “TeSqGr, LLC.” As an independent businessman, he was able to start this company from the ground up and create his own LLC at a very young age. Ezekiel George will be attending Florida Southern and double majoring in Computer Science and Psychology.

Luke Judy, a freshman at the University of Central Florida, is the company’s tech assistant as well as the person in charge of media relations and social media. TeSqGr can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. Anything his team members need assistance with, Luke is there to jump right in.

Jason Ramos, a freshman at the University of Central Florida, is the secretary for TeSqGr. Although he handles everything Ezekiel needs, he also creates servers and works on special configurations. “Ezekiel came to Luke and I asking for an extra set of hands because he needed help, and of course we were on board,” Ramos adds. Ramos was the one who found the workspace for the team. They were looking for a professional space to work where they have minimal distractions in a tech environment. Ramos reached out to his mom, Serena Gallardo-Ramos, Global Safety Management’s IT Director and Software Specialist, and asked if there was any workspace in the GSM office where they could settle in for the summer. Ramos explained the situation to GSM’s CEO, Julia MacGregor-Peralta and she was all for it. As an advocate for entrepreneurs, MacGregor-Peralta was happy to help. GSM’s generous offer allowed the boys to gain professionalism and day-to-day skills to work with others in a business setting.

The other three interns that work for GSM are all young women with a drive to have professional experience in the business community, Kelly Spence (18), Jessica Korver (20), and Morgan Viola (19). Spence and Korver work together as Administrative Support Staff Interns. Kelly Spence, a freshman at Heidelberg University majoring in Environmental Science, was brought into this company to gain business experience and work on special projects in support of the new software release. Jessica Korver, daughter of Kathy Korver, GSM’s Director of Implementation and Documentation, is a Junior at Florida Southern majoring in Music Management and has been working for GSM since 2015. Korver explains that “As a Music Management major, working with various software will help me in my future careers if I use those systems, as well as giving me the ability to adapt to any new programs I use.” Both Spence and Korver work with documentation and are writing the User Guide for the company’s latest product release. Documentation is recording information needed to run systems and complete tasks. When it comes to writing the User Guide, Korver and Spence went through a variety of training and intense study of the authoring software to complete the guide. These two learned how a professional setting works, and how to communicate professionally. Korver adds, “I have learned some management skills from the great managers I have worked under and with at GSM.”

Morgan Viola (19), a sophomore at the University of Tampa majoring in Marketing with an interest in Advertising and Public Relations is GSM’s Marketing Intern. Viola does a variety of tasks, including managing the company’s Instagram and has increased their following by more than 300% in less than 3 months. She assigned leads and ran reports for the sales team using SalesForce, contributed to event and marketing planning, and was willing to pitch in for any task asked of her. Working under the company’s Director of Marketing, Suzanne Sheaffer, Viola had the fortunate opportunity to sit in on digital marketing and branding meetings with company partners such as SpotOn Digital Media and Hook & Blade. “It was good to get Morgan’s perspective on the work we are doing here – she’s had some great insight. It’s been advantageous to have the extra help and professionalism we received from our interns this summer, but it’s just as important that we give learning opportunities to rising professionals in our community,” said Sheaffer.

Viola added, “The marketing and business experience I gained from this company is knowledge I’ll take with me wherever I go.” Not only has she had the ability to work hands-on with lots of project’s, but she soon realized how important GSM is. Coming into the company with no knowledge of Hazard Communication or Safety Data Sheets, she never took into consideration how important safety in the workplace is until now.

These students will be truly missed by the GSM staff, but it was a pleasure having such great assets to add to the company.