Safety in 10 Webinar Series

Introducing our Safety in 10 mini-webinar series. Why a 10-minute webinar? First, we know that most safety managers and product stewards have many demands on their time. Who has time for a 30, 45 or even 1-hour webinar? Second, we also realize that a big part of safety is getting critical information quickly. That is true whether you are a safety manager who needs regulatory guidance, a product steward who needs to create or revise product information, an employee who needs first aid information following an incident, or a firefighter dealing with a workplace fire.

This is also why, unlike any SDS software on the market, with our patent-pending technology, SDS Publisher, you can author an SDS in 10 minutes and search an SDS in 10 seconds – all without any chemical expertise.

In the series, GSM’s CEO Julie MacGregor will provide important compliance information, but in short, easy to digest live and recorded mini-webinars.

Safety in 10 Webinar #1:

Title: What Triggers an OSHA Inspection
Date: Monday, April 30, 2018
Time: 11:00am-11:10am EST
Cost: Free
You Will Learn:

  • How does OSHA end up on the work site?
  • How often does it happen?
  • How likely is an OSHA inspection?
  • What things increase the risk? Decrease the risk?

Safety in 10 Webinar #2:

Title: Safety in 10: Why does HazCom matter?
Date: Thursday, May 24, 2018
Time: 11:00am-11:10am EST
Cost: Free
You Will Learn:

Hazard Communication is the second most common OSHA citation. Ever wonder why? Join GSM’s CEO, Julie MacGregor, for the second session of Safety in 10 to find out. During this 10 min mini-webinar, you will learn the key components of the HazCom regulation, both old and new. Common myths will also be cleared up.

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Speaker Bio:

Julia MacGregor, MS MBA, is President and CEO at Global Safety Management, a provider of innovative regulatory compliance software and solutions. Julia has an MBA from University of Florida, and an MS from University of South Florida. She also studied operations management at University of Alabama. She has over 20 years of experience in the regulatory compliance industry, with a focus on material safety and global compliance through technology. She is multilingual, with special expertise in regulatory and SDS translation. Julia has given many presentations on OSHA Compliance and the Globally Harmonized System. During the fall 2013 Government shutdown, she even served as a last minute stand-in for OSHA. The presentation was voted by attendees as the “Best Presentation of the Conference.”

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