TotalSDS – Streamline Compliant SDS Authoring and Management

Compliance Made Easy

GSM is on a mission to make the workplace and the environment safer by simplifying compliance and chemical product documentation. Existing SDS software is outdated, complex, and requires significant manual intervention from expert users. With the ever-increasing complexity in global regulations, the status quo is no longer sustainable.

Our TotalSDS platform will help manufacturers and distributors:

  • Save time and money
  • Manage compliance easier
  • Disseminate hazardous materials information faster
  • Provide a safer work environment

Why TotalSDS?

TotalSDS and its easy-to-use wizard empowers users to create and distribute accurate, compliant product safety documents in just minutes, not the standard hours, weeks – and even months.

TotalSDS contains a way to group products by creating “Product Families.” Similar products may be grouped together, making changes that apply to all in the group fast and easy.

GSM provides regulatory data for the ingredients in our library. These ingredients are used to create your product Safety Data Sheets. Your ingredients are customizable to your business use and needs. Statements may be entered for the ingredients or the product as a whole. This flexibility allows you to enter the data once at the ingredient level and apply it to all products containing the same ingredient. Alternatively, statements that should appear on the SDS that are not common to all products with the same ingredient can be modified individually for optimal flexibility.

TotalSDS also contains a “Base Statements” feature that allows customized statements to appear in selected groupings of SDSs that they may apply to.

As regulatory updates become available, the TotalSDS wizard will be updated to generate updated hazard classifications, corresponding label elements, as well as any template modifications per the new jurisdictional requirements. One less thing for you to worry about!

Are You Ready to:

  • Have a fast turnaround when products are added so you don’t miss out on revenue opportunities?
  • Go to market faster with quality ingredient management, product analysis, and compliant SDS?
  • Experience superior ingredient management, updates, and documentation without the high price tag?
  • Eliminate the misclassification of products and solve your supply chain challenges?

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TotalSDS is backed by a team of regulatory experts highly skilled in:

  • Customs (import/export)
  • Environmental impact
  • Global regulations
  • Shipping
  • Toxicology
  • Workplace safety