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SDS Challenge: Come Watch Us Create a Compliant SDS in 10 Minutes or Less

Are you tired of waiting for months for your compliant Safety Data Sheets and Labels? Have you missed out on revenue opportunities because you haven’t been able to quickly turn around these required documents? Have you been told that creating an SDS in minutes is impossible (spoiler alert – it’s not!)?

In this 30 minute webinar and we’ll show you, how to create a compliant SDS in less than 10 minutes.

How an Entire Industry is Doing it Wrong

It is bold to say that chemical manufacturers and SDS authoring software systems are approaching the authoring of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in the wrong way. But the truth is, they are. Learn more about why this is true.

Find out answers to questions like:

  • What percent of SDS information really comes from ingredients?
  • Why should SDS authoring be approached from the top (hazards) down instead of from the bottom (ingredients) up?
  • What are the consequences of focusing on ingredients instead of the end product?

Safety in 10: How Do I Know If I Have a Compliant GHS SDS?

How do you know that the SDS you received from your supplier is GHS compliant? The truth is, just because the SDS comes from a big name manufacturer, doesn’t automatically mean it is compliant for the Globally Harmonized System (GHS). In this short, informative webinar, you will learn to recognize the “red flags” of a non-compliant GHS SDS and quickly assess if the SDS is compliant.

Safety in 10: Why does HazCom matter?

Hazard Communication is the second most common OSHA citation. Ever wonder why? Join GSM’s CEO, Julie MacGregor-Peralta, for the second session of Safety in 10 to find out. During this 10 min mini-webinar, you will learn the key components of the HazCom regulation, both old and new. Common myths will also be cleared up.

Safety in 10: What triggers an OSHA Inspection?

You Will Learn:
  1. How does OSHA end up on the work site?
  2. How often does it happen?
  3. How likely is an OSHA inspection?
  4. What things increase the risk? Decrease the risk?


Secrets and Myths about SDS Management: What does OSHA really require?

You Will Learn:
  1. What OSHA does and does not require under the Hazard Communication Standard and the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS).
  2. How to compare and evaluate different SDS management systems and methods, such as “How big should the master library really be?”

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